Most expensive chinese foods review video

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  • Hey laowinners! donate and support this channel through bitcoin : 1l7ljrpnqzmvog4espn2oeik1ubn81dvas support me on patreon: http://www.Patreon.Com/laowhy86 chinese food is not just your average american chinese take out place. There is so much more on offer. In the south of china, people spend a lot of money to buy very expensive foods, in an effort to heal their ailments. Today, we look at the most expensive chinese foods we have tried like chinese mitten crab, cordyceps, pangolin, pen cai (poon choi), shark fin, sea cucumber, and birds nest and more! Tcm dictates that certain expensive foods are good for you, but are they worth the price? Vivi, my chinese wi..
    Published on 2017/03/15
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