Price comparison (world most expensive things) video

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  • 3d animated comparison of some of the most expensive stuff in the world. And how much stacks of 100 you will need to buy that. From a 1 bill all the way to the value of earth and beyond ps: the hand, man and bus for scale at 1m, 1b and 1t respectively are to show the size (how big the pile of 100 notes will look like in real life) they do not mean that a hand cost 1m! universe size comparison 3d: https://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=isppua0mzmw featured comparisons 1 note, starbucks brewed coffee, big mac price, movie ticket price, 10 note, restaurant meal , gold (1 gram), no man's sky game, 100 note, average suit, average sofa, average bicycle, 1,000 st..
    Published on 2016/10/01
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